Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas in Ontario

Hello legions of faithful blog readers. How are you?
I've just come back from Chistmas in Ontario. My mom's house is very Canadian. Notice the neighbour making a hockey rink on the lake

Numerous birds visited my mom's yard including a pileated woodpecker, numerous red polls including a hoary redpoll (!), and my favourite event, a flock of 50 or so Bohemian waxwings.
Note the yellow stripe down the wing which you would not find on a Cedar waxwing.

I visited Kathryn in Ottawa. As a surprise treat, Mark took us on a tour of the Supreme Court of Canada. We had more fun than you could possibly imagine in Canada's highest court.

Ottawa was cold as an ice cube in a deep freezer. I almost froze waiting for my poutine in the -22 cold after falling out of the bar at 2 am. Here we are pretending not to be Jewish (actually, Shauna's not pretending).

Off to Montreal, for a visit with Eddy so brief I haven't any photos. However, while stuck in gridlock for 3 hours I did manage to capture the chaos on Montreal's streets
I also had a chance to visit the amazing Amy Norris, her mom, and Maya. Fun times!
Finally back to Peterborough just in time to get an extreme close-up shot of mom.
And now it's time to go skiing. Happy New Year EveryOne!

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MistiPearl said...

LOL..Too funny, I stumbled across your blog...I thought some of the pics looked familiar! I live in Peterborough too...spring is finally starting to reveal itself! Another few weeks and you will be able to post pictures of the tulips and hyacinths!