Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Post-wedding camping

Kathryn and Mark were married last weekend. Though the details are both hilarious and touching, I have not a single picture of the event. So I'm going to skip to the end, and post some photos of the post-wedding camping trip.

As a small and nimble fast and light party we descended to Bear Beach on the Juan de Fuca trail for a night of camping.
The crew quickly got to work setting up camp.

The gigantic six man tent was cussed in the wind, but it was soon wrestled in to a stable position.

The greatest thing about beach camping is how easy it is to build driftwood fires. Perfect for cooking nutritious balanced meals.

Our lovely campsite was under a cliff of strawberry plants (the green, mossy looking plants up on the cliff)! This must be an amazing campsite in June.

The next day saw us hike the section of trail from Bear beach towards Chin beach.

It was an amazing coastal experience, complete with gigantic Sitka spruce, a very large whale of unknown species, and even trilliums growing by the side of the trail. Good times were had by all, despite the 7 hours of rain on Monday. I can't wait to hike the whole trail.

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