Friday, February 25, 2011

Ski touring in Roger's Pass

Last week saw me up in Revelstoke to visit with friends and catch my first turns of the season.

Though bossy, a plant murderer, and a little crazy, I rather liked the new cat.

This trip was planned months in advance, but by sheer luck, a weather window opened with endless blue skies and mellow avalanche conditions.
Seeing as I hadn't been on skis yet this season, James suggested a mellow warm up tour of Young's Peak. Along the Illecillewaet valley, climb up onto the glacier, summit Young's peak, ski down the Seven Step of Paradise, and ski out the Asulkan. An absolutely amazing tour with great views of Mt Sir Donald. 18km, 1750m vertical, 8 hours.

Then next day we headed out for the Little Sifton traverse. James assured me that it would be a much easier tour, what with it only being 10km. But I was not fooled. With 1600m of vertical I knew it would be another long day. Perhaps also due to the fact that we couldn't abandon our warm sunny lunch spot.


CAC Forecaster Toolbox said...
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SnowNerd said...

Mmmm, I want another warm, sunny rock-step lunch...