Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I'm not a music fan after all

My iPod + iTunes keeps track of every song I listen to. So with the help of iScrobbler I was able to find out what I've listened to for the past 2 years. The results in continuous 24 hour days of listening
  • Beatles - 3 days
  • David Bowie - 2 days
  • Sonic youth, Animal Collective, Califone, TV on the Radio, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, the Microphones, Beck, and Hayden - 1 day
  • Pixies, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, The Flaming Lips, Tortoise, Genesis, Fridge, Tom Waits, The Arcade Fire, The Strokes, Bloc Party, Neutral Milk Hotel, Panda Bear, Interpol, Mastodon - > 1/2 day
And then everything else falls in to the long tail of occasional listens. Frighteningly, I listen to an average of 18.1 Beatles songs per week! I must make an effort to listen to the rest of my collection.


Nature Nerd said...

If you'd've asked me what kind of music Barsky is into, the answer wouldn't have been The Beatles.

Heather said...

half a day's worth of *genesis*?! that's a lot of phil collins dude.