Friday, December 19, 2008

Dawn patrol

With the snow covering Vancouver, Anne proposed the idea of going skiing before work. The idea sounded a bit batty to me at first. Up waaay before dawn, skinning up in the dark, some great turns as the sun peeks over the mountains, and back in town in time for work. But heck, I'll try anything once, twice if it was disgusting the first time.
Yesterday proved to be the perfect test day. A light 10cm sprinkling of snow overnight, and the company Christmas party not starting till 11am gave plenty of leeway to be late. Sadly Anne had to be at work an hour before sunrise, so it was just Christine and I out for a ski.
We were astonished to discover ourselves packed and in the car by 6:10am. The Seymour parking was icily cold, but had 2 other carloads of crazies putting on skins. Soon we were on our way enjoying a beautiful dawn.
The skiing turned out to be a bit crusty, but we didn't much care. Great times were had by all.

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Nature Nerd said...

Who are you? And what have you done with Aaron?