Monday, January 5, 2009

Ski, snow, slide, ski

Christmas vacation saw visits to many friends and family and lots of skiing. As I'm not very good at shoving my camera into the faces of friends and family, I present you with many pictures of skiing.

My mom's house is on a broad shallow lake, wonderful for cross country skiing. The weeks of -20 temperatures allayed any fears of falling in to the ice, though I was mighty afeared of the wind.

Instead of returning to balmy coastal rainforest, Vancouver was buried in the wintery depths of heavy snowfall. My cab driver back from the airport was keen to point out how slippery the roads were as he demonstrated the effects of braking on black ice as we raced down Cambie street at 90km an hour.

Is this Montreal? Get digging!

Despite the peculiar early season snow pack, skiing at Roger's pass once again delivered some of the best ski days of my life. I've never had so much fun skiing through the trees, jumping off logs, and heeding James' warning about thick patches of Devil's club .

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