Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Deeks peak

"Much less frequently travelled than the trail to Deeks Lake, the route to Deeks Peak can be overgrown and bushy." 103 Hikes

Somehow I missed the overgrown and bushy part of the description when I headed out with Christine on Monday's hike. And so, sporting only a pair of shorts, I started beating my way up to Deeks Peak. Though the first 3/4 of the route is on logging roads, the heavily overgrown nature of the trail makes it feel more like an adventurous bushwack than a dull logging road slog. The trail was heavily overgrown with salmonberries, thimbleberries, trailing blackberries, black currants, and other spiky but tasty plants. In fact, I was so used to getting spiked, that it took me a while to realise that I'd actually been stung by a wasp. I just wish we'd been there two weeks earlier when the thimbleberries would have been at peak ripeness.

Mid way up the trail, we came upon Kallahne "lake", which as it turns out was little more than a mud puddle. We attempted to swim, but we were quickly defeated by the maximum depth of 1 foot of water, or perhaps 2 if you count the foot of mud you sank in to. We exited dirtier than we went in.

Christine heroically carried some excellent Greek salad up for lunch. We forgot the forks, but that just made the salad all the easier to high-grade with our fingers.

From the lake, it was excellent North Shore steepness up to fantastic views.

Here you see Deeks peak on the right and the summit of Mt. Windsor on the left. We didn't realise we had reached the top when we summited Deeks Peak, so we headed down the col and accidentally climbed Mt. Windsor too.

In the distance you can see the beautiful blue of the easily accessible Deeks Lakes. Perhaps a destination for the next trip.

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