Saturday, October 31, 2009

Helm creek in the shoulder season

On Wednesday I took advantage of my new bossless lifestyle and headed out for one last Coastal hike. Christine and I headed to Helm Creek, for some glorious shoulder season hiking. After a few kilometers, the trail went from clear with occasional patches of snow, to snowy with occasional clear patches, to quite a lot of snow. Excitingly, a bear had decided to walk along the great BC Parks pathway leaving tracks to follow for several kilometers. The bear stuck quite closely to the trail, taking every bridge and twist and turn, and I had to pay attention to make sure I didn't accidentally wander off the trail and start following the bear.

The scenery was fantastic, the semi-frozen creek being particularly delightful.

The snow got rather deep, and we had to turn back before we hit our planned view point. I'll have to return in the summer and see it in all its wildflower glory.

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