Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A morning, no wait all day ski

Last night, I had a dream. I was wandering in front of my house in the dark, when I suddenly saw a horde of small animals on my front lawn. Most of them were black kittens, but there was also a pair of skunks and a chipmunk. The chipmunk seemed to be heading straight for me. But whatever, it's only a chipmunk, I thought. Suddenly it leaped at me and sank it's little teeth into my finger. I waved around frantically trying to get the little bastard off, when I saw the skunk galloping towards me. Luckily at this point I was saved by my alarm yanking me out of dream world to go skiing.

Welcome to my new Nelson life. These lovely slopes are a mere 20 minute drive from my house. The idea was to go for a quick morning ski, as has been the habit for much of November. Half our regular crew are down in Vancouver for convocation, so it was just Eddy and me this morning. We went for an explore and spent most of the time following a ridgeline in dense fog before we poked out into warm rejuvenating sunshine. Lucky thing, as I had left my thermos full of tea on the kitchen counter.

Some Slocan valley locals pointed us towards sick slopes.

We snuck in some powderific turns before an ominous creak groaned from Eddy's ski.

(Just in case it's not obvious, yes his ski has been torn asunder.)

And so it was that we got to spend the whole day outside, slowly enjoying the lovely scenery as Eddy drifted along one footed back to the car. Crisortunity? Perhaps Eddy will return on Thursday with a split board.

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Unknown said...

Man did I sleep soundly that night! Thanks for the pics. :)

Started looking at split boards today. Holy $expensive$! I'll probably rent for a day to try it out, and then just buy a pair of replacement teles.

And btw, that is one f*cked up dream you had there Mr Barsky! Why didn't I hear about this madness on the climb? I might have double-checked your transceiver. ;-)